Castor Wheels

We can offer you a wheel for every application and suitable for all types of environments and temperatures.

Available in various sizes and material types including black rubber, cast iron, grey non-marking rubber, nylon, polyurethane, high temperature or phenolic, to name just a few.

Nylon – hard wearing and durable, non-marking and offers an exceptionally low rolling resistance.

Cast Iron – very hard wearing and capable of taking high loads with a low rolling resistance.

Blue and Grey Rubber – Non-marking, quiet running, and kind to flooring.

Polyurethane – Capable of high loads, suitable for most applications, non-marking properties, lower rolling resistance to rubber compounds with a longer lifespan than rubber alternatives.

Cast Iron/Steel – Extremely hard wearing, capable of taking very high loads, can withstand high and low temperatures, (can be unkind to flooring, very low inertial and rolling resistance).

Black Rubber – quiet and smooth running.