Refurbished Wheels

We are the market leaders for polyurethane rebond/re-tyres. By replacing old and worn tyres we can reduce the numbers of used wheels being sent to landfill, having a positive effect on our environment.

Many different types of wheels can be refurbished, which can offer cost savings and reduces

  • Wheels can be bonded in either a like-for-like compound or if required, a different compound that better suits the application.
  • Electronically conductive or anti-static options.
  • 85 Shore A to 98 Shore A hardness.
  • Anti-hydrolysis solutions (ideal for humid or damp conditions).
  • Trommel/extra heavy-duty compounds.
  • Road Planer compounds available.
  • Wheel conversions or re-machining services available.
  • New bearings and seals can be fitted.

Market leaders for refurbished wheels

We recognise the importance of protecting our environment and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. 2021 has seen us install Solar panels which will reduce our carbon emissions by
20 cubic tons per annum.

We also offer a pick-up and drop-off service.